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Choice of Accredited UK Qualifications

Business Management AABPS Business Management Studies
Customer Services AABPS Certificate in Customer Service
Children and Young People AABPS Children and Young People
Health and Social CareAABPS Health and Social Care (Adults)
AABPS - Accrediting & Assessment Bureau for Post-Secondary Schools

AABPS is an awarding organisation which is now accredited by the office of qualifications and Examinations Regulation - Ofqual - which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessment in England. Ofqual recognises, monitors and audits awarding organisations to make sure they operate fairly and consistently, and therefore centers and students can be assured that our qualifications, our standards and our support are of a high quality.

Our mission is to promote quality education and training through qualifications that are valued, relevant, and current and which offer clear progression to higher education and career development opportunities in the UK and globally.

The objectives of AABPS are to:

  • Establish and promote UK national standards of excellence
  • Promote the advancement of knowledge and education
  • Facilitate the integration of theory, research and practice
  • Contribute to public policy

Use our challenging criteria to approve schools and colleges running AABPS programmes and ensure continued quality assurance
Enhance values that reflect the needs of students and the employment environment