AABPS (Accrediting and Assessment Bureau for Post Secondary Schools) is a new awarding organisation that has achieved government accreditation within UK.

Our mission is to promote education and training through qualifications that are valued, relevant and current and which offer clear progression to Higher Education and career quality standards for our centres.

The objectives of AABPS are to:

Establish and promote UK national standards of excellence
Promote the advancement of knowledge and education
Facilitate the integration of theory, research and practice
Contribute to public policy
Use our challenging criteria to approve schools and colleges running AABPS programmes and ensure continued
Enhance values that reflect the needs of students and the employment environment
As an awarding organisation and accreditation body, AABPS seeks excellence from professional educational programmes. Its assures quality through programme evaluation, reviews, robust monitoring, assessment and continuous quality improvement.

We already have qualifications approved by officials, others that are waiting approval, and even more in development. These include a wide range of business based, examined qualifications – for example, Business Studies and Health Studies – as well as supporting awards in Business English, offered at UK Level 3 and above.

These qualifications offer students and employers at junior, middle and senior levels, flexible and wide –ranging progression opportunities.

Benefits of studying through AABPS Approved Learning Centre:

Approved status to deliver AABP’s highly regarded and valued qualifications
Support – Course Outlines, Manuals, marketing materials and visits
Student access to learning resources and past examination papers and answers
Inclusion of name on website as well as contact details
News and Updates
Centre and Qualification Approval Certificates
Regional Coordinator support

Centres are supported through the rigorous approval process by Regional coordinators, who also provide ongoing support to both the learning centre and their registered students.

Assessment for students is by written, academically-based examinations, held three times a year. Examinations can be taken at an approved learning centre through which students have registered and studied on formal learning programmes. Alternatively, they can study independently and enter for examinations at our Examination Centres.